Due to public demand, Tom will be performing more dates across the UK this autumn with his critically acclaimed show You’re Welcome!

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Episode 1 & 2 of MUFF are now available for free on www.muffproductions.com

Two years ago, Tom joined forces with his buddy Daniel Sloss and a bunch of  talented creatives, and they decided to write a sitcom.  They hung out and came up with an idea, MUFF; a story about how TV caused the end of the world. An idea that they quickly realised wouldn’t get made. It was too stupid, too fun and too weird.

But they loved the idea. They wanted it to be made, because they knew it was something that they would love to see.  They launched a crowd source appeal to raise £25,000 to fund it.  A very low budget.  They got £6500 and decided to do it anyway.  They then prepared for a 3 month shoot. They then found out that they only had 22 days. They thought they’d do it anyway.  And they did – with little experience, little time and far too much ambition and hope.

Some of you are going to love it. Some of you are going to hate it. But that’s the point of it all. The intention was to make something that made them laugh, not something broad and acceptable and easy. Something different, and stupid and ridiculous.

Muff is created and written by Daniel Sloss, Tom Stade, Charlie Parker and Joe McTernan.  Please watch it, share it, download it, sell it, steal it, publicly screen it, do what ever you want. It wasn’t made for profit.  They made it just to make it – and prove that they could.  Please enjoy it, or don’t…

UK TOUR 2016

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Direct from a smash hit run at the Edinburgh Festival, the UK’s favourite Canadian émigré takes to the road with his latest show.

Candid and alluring, join Tom as he ruminates on life’s oddities and revels in his own perpetual shortcomings.  Expect the customary Stade flair; uncompromising humour,  insatiable mischief and heaps of inspired inspiration.

Following a succession of sell-out tours, and appearances at international comedy festivals around the globe, Tom is firmly established as one of the UK’s most dynamic and exciting talents.  He recently stormed BBC One’s Live at The Apollo  (for the second time), and has appeared on The John Bishop Show, Ch4’s Comedy Gala, Stand Up For The Week and Dave’s One Night Stand.

Catch this epic talent as he continues to storm the global comedy scene.  People of the United Kingdom (and surrounding areas)…You’re Welcome!

Check the LIVE page for dates and venues. 

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